5G – The Beginning Of The End

5G technology is coming to your front door. It is important to learn about some key terms before we get deeper into what this all means and how it will affect your day to day life. Lets learn a little about what 5G is, internet of things, and its distribution.

It is all the hype right now. 5G is now officially out on the Samsung Note 10 at Verizon. Samsung will start cranking out, at mass production rates, the most popular phone of the season with full 5G capabilities. You will get your data faster, crisper, clearer, better, for your complete consumption.

This will allow people to see more of Jeffreestar, the famous youtube star, self identified as androgynous, shoved down their throats on youtube trending page at 5G speeds. More on that later. Before we get deep into the rabbit hole of 5G and how they are laying the foundation for mind and crowd control and the complete invasion of privacy in your life, we need to explain 5G technology itself.

5G vs 4G – A Quick Breakdown

5G is going to end change everything as we know it. There is so much to discuss here that we will have to break it down in several articles. We should start with 5G the technology itself and why the push. Cell phones started with basic cellular service, then started milestoning bandwidth by gigahertz. The 2G, 3G networks of the past had a certain spectrum of frequency. Then 4G, and what we have today, 4G LTE. The 4G network of today uses frequency ranges below 6 GHz. 5G uses frequencies between 24 GHz and 90 GHz. Also, 5G, unlike 4G, can be directional, meaning they can actually aim the signal instead of being like 4G which is just blasted out everywhere. 5G has shorter wavelengths than 4G. Now don’t get too overwhelmed just yet. We will break this down to explain to you the concern, and why in Sweden its already caused an all out protest against the roll out of 5G. You see, the shorter wavelengths of 5G, which technically is called “millimeter waves” means that it cannot travel as far as 4G. Lets put our thinking caps on. If 5G cannot travel as far as 4G how do they get it inside your house to provide you full uninterrupted service? Put the towers closer to your house, of course.

I know a cell tower tech that would perform cell tower maintenance and the amount of precautions they would need to take before servicing any tower. Intervals, timers, special grounding, alternating schedules, no intimacy with your spouse due to sperm integrity, and so on. If you pay attention, these 4G cell towers are solo, they have their specified locations, isolated, fenced off, and within a reasonable distance from homes. Imagine having every block having a 5G light pole?

5G Amplifiers and Poles Will Be Everywhere

Here is the first issue with 5G. You will need mini towers everywhere. Everywhere should be defined as every few homes distance in the suburbs. This will be achieved by installing smart poles EVERYWHERE. Here is where it gets important. RF radiation becomes more harmful based on how close the source is to your body. So having a 5G light pole next to your house is exponentially more dangerous than a 4G cell tower that is miles away because the distance between you and the tower. Also 5G is being blasted at such a higher intensity with a shorter wavelength! But we are beginning to get off track, this article is not even about the health affects of 5G, rather, what the technology holds, and how it can be used for nefarious reasons for ultimate control of the populace. If you are interested in the health affects of 5G you need to read Davids blog.

5G Means Enough Bandwidth For Roll Out Of Complete Internet Of Things (IOT)

I remember the day my parents took us all to SEARS ROEBUCK to get our first microwave. I remember we were always fascinated that we could warm up our food so fast. The young ones of today are born into this tech and not having a microwave is taboo. How about smart microwaves? The next generation of microwave that connects to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, looking up recipes, ordering food, and record everything you say in the privacy of your own kitchen?

Smart appliances, smart bulbs, smart toilets. It is all part of the IOT push. Everything will be connected via WIFI and 5G. There will be so much bandwidth and transfer of data that large pipelines of data will be needed. Hence the 5G push.

Smart cars, autonomous vehicles, and vehicle peer 2 peer is another reason for the 5G push. The future autonomous car will need to know the location of all surrounding cars and smart devices. How can this data be transferred fast enough to prevent accidents, traffic, and other road conditions? Through 5G.

It is here and its going to get rolled out as fast as possible for several reasons.
1) complete data collection from all connected devices in your home and on your body for marketing purposes
2) complete data collection from all connected devices in your home and on your body for nefarious reasons. No more secrets and no more privacy.
3) autonomous technology especially in vehicles will demand higher bandwidth speeds.

All in the name of CONVENIENCE. Because it will be convenient to have smart devices all throughout our houses, in our lives day to day, we will allow them to take away our privacy, sanity, and so much more through this roll out. In our next article find out how. Here is a hint, mind control, mood control, spying, subliminal influencing, and God forbid social credit scoring, which is currently active in China.

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